The Welcome Day dinner will be partially funded by LASIGE. All LASIGE members that do not hold a PhD degree only have to pay 10€. LASIGE members who hold a PhD will pay 15€. The remaining ones will have to pay their full share (25€). Please, perform the payment before October 10th in room 6.3.30 (10:00-16:00) with Alexandra Escarameia or Carla Costa.

The dinner will be held at the restaurant “Gula’s for Kitchen Lovers“. This year, we will start with an Welcome Cocktail with snacks and sangria. The dinner will include starters (homemade cheese and bread paté with breadsticks, toast and fresh bread / seasonal fruits / wild fruit lemonade), the main dish (cod with carrots in a cornbread crust and farinheira / pork cheeks stewed in red wine accompanied by roasted sweet potato from the West of Portugal and/or sautéed dried fruit rice / spinach lasagna with cottage cheese and walnuts – vegetarian option), desserts (chocolate gula / egg gula with nuts / lime tart with mint), and drinks (water, tea, lemonade, wine (2 bottles per table), coca-cola, and coffee).

Below you can find the restaurant location, including suggested subway directions.